Thursday, July 28, 2022

Catching Up

 Another week in review because it seems I'm unable to get anything posted these days and we're closing in on 2 weeks. The guineas are enjoying their freedom although I haven't released them to free range yet - me thinks they are still too small

So, for the time being, I've got 24 guinea keets, 7 older hens, and 11 4-month old hens co-existing in the chicken yard. When I walked up on this keet, I was immediately concerned that something was wrong - she/he was lying in such an odd position, but apparently this was comfortable and all was well - who knew they were so flexible?

An old pallet that I keep propped up in the chicken yard when it's not in use as a stepping device when the yard is flooded, makes for the perfect sunning spot first thing in the morning

They are such comical looking birds

I haven't been doing any sewing as my sewing machine has been in for cleaning and tension repair for the last 3 weeks. I'll fuss about that in a future post. đŸ˜‰ However, I have been cutting for the next quilt:

I did have those 2 quilt books I mentioned earlier, bound at Office Max - $4 and change per book and now they are so more user friendly - I like this option for those books I use again and again.


I had someone comment about the possibility of losing pictures or text with the addition of a spiral binding - I didn't lose anything in this book


But the spiral binding nicked a few words in this older book on a few pages- it doesn't bother me and nothing pertinent was lost, but you might want to take a closer look at the book you are considering to have spiral bound if you are concerned

These 100°+ days with no rain equates to a struggling garden, but I'm grateful for the produce it provides

Trips to town always include a stop at the Farn Store. Plumbing parts, a pallet of horse feed, and panels this time

We unloaded the panels and set up a temporary pen so the horses would graze down some grass

About 4 days a week still finds us here before 6 a.m.:

This heavy, old chute is a workout and it's about all I can do to shut these doors 30 times. And you had better insure the latch catches properly or they will pop back open and  knock your teeth out

DH's colts are coming along nicely

Here, let me show you how it's done! ~Grin~

We've had some spotty storms in the area and we lost power about 7 last night. it was after 11 when the Co-op showed up and began to run the line out and thankfully, power was restored at 3:30 this morning. We were sacked out when he first called after 9 to let us know he would be about an hour. Then he called back at 10:30 to ask where we were located. Then he showed up after 11. Poor guy was new and wandering around these back roads in the dark. 

I need to bake more cookies because the last of what I had in the deep freeze went home with Cory. 


I browned a Chuck roast this morning and cooked it in the Insta-Pot. We'll have roast today, green-chile roast burritos tomorrow, and then I'll make roast spread for sandwiches the next day

DH took another beef to Ft. Sumner on Monday to be processed so I'm moving things around to make room for about 350# of beef in a few weeks. We're branding next Wednesday and I think I'm fixing Barbecue Sandwiches because I've got to use up some of these roasts. I can smoke 3 on the smoker and they will make delicious Barbecue Sandwiches. 

Tonight will be an early night because we've been getting up at 4 in order to be in the arena by 5:30 and after our late night visitor, I am beat. I don't bounce back from sleepless nights very well these days, but His mercies are new every morning 


Nanette said...

Good morning. Your photos today are wonderful and I especially love the last one. It's such a stirring picture and a great way to start the day.
PS-I hope your sewing machine is back soon!

Robin said...

Enjoyed my visit today - thanks~

Sherrill said...

Guineas are funny birds. I used to milk goats and the lady had 1 guinea (all the others had taken off or something). It would run around us when we were there hoping to catch a morsel. So pretty but the face was a little odd. I don't think I could every do those way early mornings. But I was up at 2am today and went back to bed around 4:30..feelin' it now. UGH

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