Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Hill Country Spring Quilt

 This quilt started with the first jellyrolls I ever bought - back in 2009. I grew up in the Texas Hill Country and it will always hold a special place in my heart. The bluebonnets sealed the deal and I came home with 3 jellyrolls. Back then they were $25.00 -a bargain on today's market. And then they sat. I often struggle with settling on a pattern, but in October 2020,  I finally settled on making a St. Louis 16-patch and unrolled the strips. Why is that so hard? 

I started making blocks, pairing the prints with solids from my stash, but they just didn't sit well with me and I switched things out for Grunge in some of the blocks

 I like the rustic look of Grunge better than the solids although you can't tell the difference from the back of a loping horse. Before long, the top was stitched and I handed it off to Jackie. She quilted a pattern called Bora Bora with a cobalt blue thread. This quilt is pretty busy and I made it even wilder with the back

But I found it on clearance years ago and if you know me at all, you know that I cannot pass up a field of wildflowers - they are my absolute favorite!

I bound this with a blue Grunge from my stash to match the bluebonnets

It's 66" x 74" - smaller than I usually make, but a good napping size and it makes me happy. 

I was surprised when DH said he liked it and I couldn't give it away. 

We recently had our first freeze and the first flakes of snow fell on Saturday so this quilt's a cheerful way of enjoying the Texas hill country wildflowers all year long


Gretchen Weaver said...

It looks like a good quilt to snuggle under when watching TV. Flowers in the winter are so precious!

Nancy said...

It's beautiful. I really like how some of the blocks have prints and solids that are similar in color and blend, and other blocks have more contrast. So often, online, we see whole quilts with photos taken at a distance but what we see in person are the fabrics. It's important to choose fabrics we like, like your preference for grunge.

stitchinpenny said...

Beautiful and a quilt you seem to have a bond with. Smart man your husband. Keep the quilt.

Carol said...

gorgeous! can't beat Texas wildflowers in the spring. I'm a Texas native, currently in north central Texas and we have had bluebonnets on our lot for almost 40 years. I have a whole selection of wildflowers fabrics from this time as well......cannot cut into them! cannot decide on a pattern....yours shows them off with the grunge. well done!

Dorian said...

Such a beautiful quilt Karin. I love the backing! It's so nice when hubby lets you know he likes a quilt enough to keep it around, huh? take care

Theona said...

How lovely! You have a great eye for design and color.
We recently had 23" of snow within a week--Now it is almost completely melted!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

celia ambrose said...

I love the Hill country too! Used to attend the Georgetown Quilt exhibit when I lived in Round Rock. These colors are so lovely and the backing is just perfect. You deserve a beautiful quilt with all the wildflowers in Texas.

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