Monday, December 8, 2008

Reaching for That Panic Button...

Be still and know that I am God. Be still and know that I am God. Be still...

My sewing machine has finally died it's last death. At this point I wish it were a cat because it would still have 3 lives left. I spent the other evening weeping over its lifeless body. The large pile of unmade Christmas gifts wept alongside me. They were now destined to spend another year folded on a cold, dark cabinet shelf. The baby will no longer be a baby when the baby quilt is finally completed. Countless blouses, tops, and pants will be ruined because of their apronless fronts. How many hands will be scorched because the potholders are unfinished? My darling daughter will sit looking forlornly at her quilt with the unmitered corners. It's a sad day at the end of the dirt road.

And as if that's not bad enough, our big upright freezer decided to join the sewing machine. I guess it doesn't matter that it is home to about 100 pounds of beef. Honestly, you would think that freezer would be a bit more thoughtful - after all, it is the holidays!

I guess it figured I needed something to do since... I WOULDN"T BE SEWING! So now I am cooking up huge amounts of beef. Yes, I know it will be a time saver in the future, but that's really not what I want to hear. Sigh.

I'm also in need of poetic inspiration. Each year I write a silly Christmas Poem and each year I receive at least 30 cards that say how very much they look forward to it. I even get phonecalls and my parents get cards about it! So now I feel obligated to include it in my Christmas mail. Each year I stress over it. This year is no different - I can't find a rhyming stanza to save my life. Think all those people will accept this:

It's been lots of fun
I've enjoyed the run,
But sorry folks, the well has gone dry
Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodbye.

So although I am quite tempted to reach for that panic button, I hear a soft voice that is gently prodding me...Be still and know that I am God.

So all is well and God just reminded me where I stashed the chocolate!


Christian Cowboy Fellowship said...

Well that is just the pits! OK here is the deal.....make a run to the CottonPatch...get a good deal on a sewing machine and you are still in the game! Yipee!

As for the help there at all. :(

Have a better day, :) :) :)


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Oh, what a bummer. When it rains, it always pours in my house...Love the reminder Be Still and know that I am GOD.

Thank goodness you discovered the freezer not working before all the meat was thawed...
I'm going to let Santa know that YOU need a new sewing machine! Have a great week!

Broken Y said...

I think the poem is perfect considering I haven't read any of the others! Inspiration will hit around 3 am so make sure you get up and get it all down!

Give yourself early Christmas and make it a good one! Go girl, buy tht new machine!

cottonpicker said...

"Be still" said the Lord to the dirtroad Scrapper.
But the Dirtroad Scrapper didn't hear.
Cause she was so busy just a cookin' and a weepin'
that the Lord had to kick her in the rear.......

Karin said...

LOL! Cottonpicker- you're hired! You are such a hoot and I am so blessed to call you friend!

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