Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Too Much to Do Tuesday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We certainly enjoyed the visit with my folks and I'm now ready to greet the New Year. Well, that's not entirely true, but ready or not - here it comes! I have always heard "things will slow down after the holidays". Hmph. I must have jumped on the wrong train because I feel like one of those cartoon characters that is holding on to the end of a caboose attached to the train that is speeding down the mountain. See that little blur flapping in the wind? That's me.

Suddenly, my list of things to do seems to have grown much too quickly and being up at 3 in the morning is not even on there! Argh!

My folks left on Saturday. 4 hours later my brother-in-law pulled in with his 3 little rascals. They were on their way to visit Granny and Grandpa and stopped in to stretch their legs for about 4 hours. They'll be back this evening for 3 or 4 days. I spent Sunday cleaning up the post-Christmas mess, catching up on laundry, and taking a much needed nap before hitting town yesterday to run errands. The boys were gone helping the neighbors work cattle so DD and I didn't worry about getting back for dinner. We came home with a truck filled to the brim with groceries - hopefully enough to keep us from making another trip into town for a good, long while!

While we were knocking things off of our list, the hired hand's wife called.
She's coming over this morning to pick up some beef so we'll get to enjoy some time to visit although I hope she doesn't mind if I'm multitasking.
Then DH phones and says that a friend is coming from Texas to pick up a couple of horses.
Is he bringing his wife and daughter?
Who knows?
When are they coming?
They'll be here for dinner.
My brother-in-law will be pulling in this evening with his 6, 8, and 10 yr olds.
Oh, and tomorrow is DH's birthday.

So here's my list for today:
1.Make Sopapilla Cheesecake for dessert and hope there's enough left for Friday.
2.Make Smothered Steak, rolls, potatoes, and salad for dinner.
3.Kick DS out of his room-again- sorry Bud - and make it up for BIL and 3 children for 3 or 4 days
4.Bake Auntie's Chocolate Cake for DH's birthday
5.Wrap DH's gifts (pick up the TV tomorrow morning)
6.Bake a batch of gingerbread cowboys because they're DH's favorite and I didn't get around to making them for Christmas
7.Write a letter and mail a friend's birthday card
8.Order Christmas pictures (this one might have to wait)
9.Make spinach dip for New Year's
10.Make Guacamole for New Year's Eve (DH loves this)
11.Oil dining room table
12.Mail check for DD's Driver's Ed
13. Mail 8x10 Christmas card photo my parents requested
14. Search for a snowflake cookie cutter on the Internet
15. Order subscription for quilting magazine
16. Clean up the 'sure to be chaotic' kitchen
17. Haul out the Christmas tree and clean up the pine needles for the next 6 months
18. Make Wednesday's list and hope it's shorter than today's
19. Collapse from exhaustion and wonder how people do this on a regular basis.
20. Dig a longer dirt road - this one is getting too short - the craziness is getting too close for comfort


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Oh my gosh...I'm praying for you girl! May God give you much needed strength the next week or so! I'm a list girl too, why is it they have not gotten any shorter since Christmas is over? I don't understand?! Have a wonderful New Year!

Ranch wife said...

Girlfriend....you have just worn me out reading all that. I need a nap..does it matter that it is 9 am?


RanchGirl said...

Whew, me too!

Broken Y said...

Most people don't do it! YOU are WONDERWOMAN! I make lists and then make a list to put the lists in order!

Countrygirl said...

Whew - hope you got it all done, but if you didn't - tomorrow is another day! Happy New Year!

Amy said...

Happy New Year. I enjoy your blog! I grew up on a ranch and miss it. What a great place to raise your children. Blessings!

Karin said...

Happy New Year Y'all and welcome Amy! Glad you stopped by for a visit! And believe it or not, I actually DID get that list finished with the exception of the gingerbread cowboys, but contrary to belief, I am NOT wonderwoman P! I am wiped out woman.

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