Monday, June 27, 2016

Breath of Avignon Plus Quilt Finish

The fabrics in this collection just say summer to me:

I posted about them here when I was debating about using my extra jelly roll and making this bigger:

Plus Quilt Using a Jelly Roll

The decision  was Skeet approved:

Since I am still on a mission to use up my jelly roll collection, I cut into the extra strips and added to what I had already pieced:

I never met a Plus quilt I didn't like...or a puppy who stole our hearts faster

Jackie quilted a pattern called Wrought Iron across it...once again, the perfect choice for this French inspired fabric collection:

This line is Moda's Breath of Avignon by American Jane aka: Sandy Klop. I think it's from 2010. I bound it in a navy and backed it with a blue dot from Connecting Threads that sadly, they no longer carry:

This finishes at 50" x 60" so its a small lap quilt:

My obsession with plus quilts continues. I want to make one for our bed, making the pluses larger, but I haven't settled on fabric yet.

And yes, I DID drag this out to the coop to snap some pictures:

It was closely scrutinized by the CIA: Coop Inspector Agency :)

Who decided that scratch was more to their liking

After a spin through the washer, it enjoyed some time on the line

before settling in for it's first job as my reading nook companion:


KaHolly said...

It is absolutely lovely! Great job! I like the quilting, too. A plus quilt is on my list.......

Dorian said...

Great quilt Karin! looks right at home there in your house, with your cutie puppy.

Tired Teacher said...

Well done! You are going to be happy that you made it larger.

Skeet is so darned cute! I can see how he stole your heart.

allthingzsewn said...

Really like the colorful fabric choice and backing is perfect. The quilting is beautiful. Guess I'm saying
great job.

Jacque said...

Gorgeous lap quilt....reading a book is a happy place, but that quilt will make it even better!
Hope we will see Skeet in the Pets on Quilts show in might win fabric, and that doesn't count as adding to your stash, right? (Grin)
You can check out the fun at Lilypadquilting.

Dora, the Quilter said...

It's so nostalgic!
I'm not sure why plus quilts are so appealing--I should create a survey, I suppose.
Plus quilts remind me of the Red Cross, so I'm thinking perhaps when I was little the ambulance was called for someone and that's where I first saw it. And now, all those who might have been able to tell me about that event have moved on.
Nevertheless, your quilt is so very much prettier than the crosses on emergency vehicles! I love Sandy Klop fabrics; they remind me of Dick, Jane, and Sally readers, so I love them for their nostalgia, because they don't work with my decorating style, so maybe I too should use one for a reading quilt for when I carry my Kindle outside in the early morning or late evening!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt. And I love how Skeet's collars coordinate with the fabric. That puppy knows how to

Cindy in NC

Janet O. said...

Great job--it is a very happy quilt, even if the chickens were not particularly impressed. : )

Judy said...

It is so very pretty! I sure like the blue on the back! That was one of my favorite lines! Well done!!

Dar said...

That turned out beautiful. Now I want to make a plus quilt. I think I have an extra jelly roll somewhere! Those colors are wonderful for that pattern too.

Sandy said...

Okay, so now I'm thinking I need to bump the Plus Quilt closer to the tope of my bucket list!

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