Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Contemplating Another Hand Stitching Project...or Two!

I'm not sure of this is wise, but I've got another EPP project on my mind and it's being kind of bossy about me getting started on it. This quilt is the culprit:

                         - Plain and Simple -Hexie Quilt ( this is the hexie quilt that I want to make..gorgeous

I found it on Pinterst and it links back to this blog: Plain and Simple.

This one caught my eye as well

                                         _DSC4929 | by Charleston Museum

I'm not a swooner, but WOW.  Those little 1/2" hexies kind of scare me. but I think the 1" hexies are too big. I may just have to make one star and see how it goes, but right now, something like this is definitely on my bucket list.

And then there was this one! The link goes back to FB.

60 degree diamonds:

I don't do FB. Pinterest steals enough of my time! :) Gosh, what a fun way to use scraps! Now if I could only devise a way to add more hours to the day. Wonder if I can paper piece these stars in my sleep.


Anonymous said...

All three are beautiful. I like tiny too. My largest block for several years is 6" finished and really I'm a fan of 3". I don't like quick quilts; I love tedious. Go for it on the hexies.

Scrap and quilts said...

If you can paper piece in your sleep, you'll have to share the trick because we ALL want to know how to put more time in our days. No! That's not right. We ALL want to put more time in our sewing room! Yes that's better lol. I agree with you, those three quilts are wonderful. Good luck with the decision. ;^)

Tired Teacher said...

Beautiful quilts, but tiny pieces don't appeal to me. I'd rather knit a gigantic shawl than deal with tiny bits of fabric.

Pauline said...

At this point in my life I don't ever want to hand piece another quilt! I started a star quilt like the last picture, just loved making those tiny stitches, but it got so boring I put it down "for a break." That was 3 years ago! I keep it where I can see it so I make myself feel guilty for not getting it out and work on it. It's about 7 x 9 feet now. Guess I could alter my dream of making it king size. On the other hand........I'm having way too much fun piecing on the machines. Maybe I'll will it to you Karin?

Dorian said...

LOL Karin, never enough hours in the day, huh? The thing about hand pieced projects though, is you can take them with you, or relax in front of the tv/etc with them. Have fun!

Janet O. said...

I absolutely love the first quilt you shared here. But I also have no intention of attempting to make it. : )
You could always meet in the middle and do 3/4" hexies!

WeedyMama said...

I'm new to your blog. Love the new puppy story. Nothing like a fat puppy tummy.

If you want to hand piece, go to and get something done with your time. I have used several of her patterns. She is very helpful, beginners or experienced alike. Presently I'm working on the Cleopatra's Fan, and I have started La Passa.... I just have one and a half seams for the latest challenge to be complete. Take a look. I think you will like it.

weedymama at gmail

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