Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend was just too fun! The kids were all home for the entire weekend and DS even brought his sweet girlfriend, E, and her little boy, T. It was such a joy to have a little one around!

 DD brought Harvey too and my in-laws came on Sunday. DH smoked pork loin, chicken thighs, and jalapeno poppers with little smokies in them - aka: Atomic Buffalo Turds. :) My mil brought her potato salad and Butterhorns and I made corn casserole, baked beans, and deviled eggs with Summer Berry Pie for dessert.

 I don't think anyone went hungry:

DH's girlfriend fit right in. We all adore her and I teased her that the only strike she had against her is that she doesn't like watermelon. :)

This is actually her second visit and I hope she feels at home and comfortable here. This is such a good place to kick back and relax and that's just what we wanted her to do.

Skeet and Harvey kept us all entertained and were best buddies right off the bat:

I thought Harvey may be wondering when this little pesky pup was going to go away, but our girl said he is depressed for a few days when he leaves the ranch:

So good to sit back and watch DH visit with our boy:

And our girl:

T is 19 months old and just the cutest thing. He and Skeet hit it off right away:

They both kept each other...and us, entertained:

 We cooked hot links and S'mores over the fire Saturday evening:

 And the kids went fishing on Sunday morning. So it's no wonder that this is what we all felt like after the weekend: tuckered plumb out!



Nancy said...

Family fun, great food, and cheap entertainment. Perfect! Those little ones, both boy and puppy, are adorable.

Alycia said...

i think you just made me want another kid - Oh My Stars - how cute - Little boys and puppies are the best!!! Glad you had a great time!

Tired Teacher said...

I love family gatherings!

May circumstances provide another opportunity for everyone to gather again soon.

Pauline said...

Sounds like the most wonderful weekend ever! I wish you many, many more!

Dorian said...

Looks like such a great weekend Karin! I know how much you loved having your kiddo's home.

Scrap and quilts said...

Picture perfect weekend. You're sooooo blessed. My boys are still at home so I have them around all week long. When the time comes for them to leave the nest, I hope, when they come home for the weekend, that it will be just like your weekend, where everyone gets alone so well. May you have many more. Thanks for sharing. ;^)

Janet O. said...

Family is so important, and in this world where so many families become disconnected, it is good to see a family enjoy each others company!

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