Wednesday, June 15, 2016

For the Bookworm

Earlier this year, I posted about the 2016 Reading Challenge I was taking via  Modern Mrs. Darcy. I've made good progress and have tackled them all with the exception of War and Peace and the book I am currently listening to that is my selection for a book published this year, Titans.


Titans was written by my High School English teacher. She was a gem of a teacher and is a true southern lady, with whom I have continued to keep in touch. I was the school newspaper editor and Mrs. Meacham was our sponsor. I think my penchant for saying things like "Oh, Fudge" and "Fiddlesticks" may have started in her class. :)

  I discovered Ann's blog late last year and was quickly drawn in. On Tuesdays she posts a podcast called What Should I Read Next where she interviews a fellow bookworm and they discuss books for 20-30 minutes. Ann also has a summer reading club, but I didn't sign up for that although I will probably read some of the titles she has chosen.

Ann has a Daily Kindle Deals that you can sign up for as well.  I have definitely found some gems and some fun new selections. Sometimes there are also wonderful discounts for the audio book.

I just thought this was a great source for those of you that are avid readers and wanted to share with ya'll.


Tired Teacher said...

Titans looks interesting. Thanks for the links, I'll check them out.

juliehallfeldhaus said...

Thanks!! I love to read. My goal this year is 52 books:) I'm a little behind but I think I will catch up. I'll be sure and visit her site.

Shelljo said...

I have Titans on the counter waiting to be read!

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