Monday, March 29, 2021

Last Week in Review

 Last Tuesday we shipped out the last of the Corrientes. 

We kept 6 bulls to use on the beef heifers, and a handful of pairs that had calves that were still too small to send, but for all intensive purposes, after 20 years, we are no longer raising Corrientes. I will miss these sweet faces each spring:

A little mending took place

A new well pump motor was installed

Still flaking out hay:

We've never fed so much hay:

But until it rains, we'll be doing a lot more of it

DH bought me a sweet gift last week:

With 5 babies to feed, my kitchen looks like this twice a day

I've had my hands full, shaking up 10 bottles a day, so he bought me a drywall mixer

Not every girl's idea of a romantic gift, but I am thrilled! It makes my life so much easier and in my book that's romantic. Milkshakes for breakfast!

The babies are happy to be spending time in the sun:

There are now 5, but the littlest one is a character

This one's a character too - he didn't like being left behind when the crew trailered out the other morning:

Looks like I'll be cleaning windows today. 😉


Tired Teacher 2 said...

The perfect gift for a ranch wife with bottle babies! It’s a delight to see happy calves running with abandon with their tails held high.

Mary Ehrichs said...

When I see calves jumping and running like that, I know it is truly spring!

Chantal said...

Thank you for sharing this video. They are just little darlings in my eyes. Sorry to see you selling all of the Corrientes. They have the cutest calves if I'm to judge by that picture. Too cute! That is the best gift ever for a working mother of 5. haha. Take care. ;^)

Violet said...

Those are some happy little calves...they know they are in a good place. If you are no longer raising Corrientes, will you raise something else? Or is this the end of raising cattle for you all?

Shelly said...

Oh, those babies playing is soooo dang cute!

Treadleworks said...

So much fun to watch your calves playing! Thanks for all your memories you share with us!

Sherrill said...

Uh oh, that little one looks like it has the makings of a ring leader! LOL So sad about the Corrientes..not even a pair kept behind? God, let it rain!!

Ruth said...

"Tails up" running all around the corral, so Sweet! A drywall mixer for breakfast milkshakes! Hahaha!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Way to much fun!! And milkshakes for breakfast... I like it!
Sorry about the Corrientes - that will be a change! and I am with you on the hay ;-)

Elle said...

That is TOTALLY an "I love you" gift :-)

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