Friday, September 5, 2014

A Friday Finish - Pony Tales Baby Quilt

A few weeks ago I finished up one of my oldest UFOs. I started this little quilt in 2010 - about a year after I started quilting. I discovered this pattern at a quilt show in Dimmit, TX and I knew I had to have it. Then the perfect fabric crossed my path in Lovington, NM and the cutting began.

I used this fun cow print for the backing:

 And I wish I had more of this sweet flowered print in my stash:

I'm hoarding the last yard. These were part of the 2009  "Wanna Be A Cowboy" line by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake.

This was my first attempt at hand applique and I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing. I remember thinking I had lost my mind, but that didn't keep me from moving forward. I also recall how long it took me to choose each and every piece and I didn't have much of a fabric stash at the time.

These little faces are just too sweet:

I found that I really enjoy hand applique, but its going to take lots of practice to neaten up those stitches:

The thought of quilting it terrified me so I took it to Jackie, who had become my new best friend. :) Alas, she did not offer custom quilting. She said she was hoping to pick that up eventually, but honestly, all of us quilters kept her so busy that she didn't have any extra time on her hands...until now.

Her daughter is a teacher and she quilts too. Sandra helps Jackie in the evenings and during the summer and this year they bought a second quilting machine, took classes, and they now offer custom quilting.

Through the years, she would mention this little quilt and I assured her that I didn't need it, but if she tired of having it hang around, she needn't keep it. She said no, she was looking forward to quilting it, and she took care to take it out and refold it often to keep it from becoming creased. She said that, often, customers would notice it and inquire about it.

When I started working at the Sale Barn, 3 of the gals also quilt and one of them was talking about taking a quilt to Jackie and how she saw the cutest quilt and she sure wished she could find the pattern. I laughed when she described it and said, "That's mine".

I told Jackie that they were more than welcome to practice on my quilt. I make them to use and do not need perfection. This was one of my first quilts anyway and my first attempt at applique and I told them both to just have fun with it.

And I think they did a wonderful job! Look at these darling little flowers

And I'm impressed with their first attempt at micro stippling. I've struggled with that. Look how cute this is!

Our horse crazy girl was still home when I picked it up and started working on the binding and she fell in love with it. She said I was not permitted to give it away. I had to keep it for when she had children and I told her that was the plan..the far, far away plan. :)

Its the smallest quilt I've ever made and at 36 x 42, I worried that it was too small, but it could be used  as a wall hanging in a nursery. Our girl kept insisting that babies are tiny and do not need excessively large quilts. I reminded her that they grow quickly and she piped up, "Well that just means you'll have to make them lots of quilts as they grow". I can do that. :)

So, I may not need it now, but I'm as tickled to have it back as I am sure Jackie is to be rid of it!


Nancy said...

This is adorable, an excellent finish. Your daughter is correct, babies need LOTS of quilts, so you'd better start filling your stash with cute fabrics.

Shelly said...

That is so adorable! Love those little ponies! And there is not a thing wrong with any of your stitches, woman! Hand applique seems to suit you. Keep it up!

Dar said...

That is just the cutest little pony quilt ever. I like your colors better than the original pattern. They did a wonderful job on the quilting and you did just fine on your applique. I see nothing wrong at all. It's perfect!! I love that your daughter wants it for her children. That is such a great feeling for a mom.

Scrapatches said...

This is sew adorable. Your applique stitching looks great to me. The horses are in the pink and are just too cute. Lucky baby girl who receives this one ... :) Pat

Shelljo said...

It IS cute! Love how they quilted it :) I agree with your DD. babies like little quilts!

Judith Blinkenberg said...

It is adorable. I love the pink and browns! You sure keep busy. We are in the middle of moving but I hurt my back so my husband is doing all the work. Hopefully I'll be able to unload boxes when he goes hunting on the 24th.

Vicki said...

Oh my I in just drooling at how cute this is. Lovington NM?!?!?! That is about an hour and twenty mins from me, and I have to admit I love to go to the quilt shop there. I prob drive them crazy cause when I go I want to stay forever! Anytime you come this way, yell out and I will take you to lunch.

Ranch Wife said...

Vicki - I tried too comment back to you, but you're showing up as a non reply blogger so I have no way of contacting you. I was just in Lovington last Friday with 2 friends. We were there for 6 hours! Poor Deann probably thought she'd never get rid of us!

beth said...

What a sweet quilt! It's the perfect size. ;)

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