Friday, September 19, 2014

MY UFO List is Getting Short!

I started the year with 16 unfinished quilts and I'm down to 5. I'm sorely tempted to finish those 5 before I start any new projects, but there might be  a quilting law against that and the temptation to start something new is strong and squabbling with the temptation to finish these. I've only started one new quilt this year. The "begin something new" voice is getting loud.

I've got 2 finished quilts to share as soon as I can get photos taken.

My Granny Square Quilt is pieced and at the quilter's and the binding is made so I've taken it off of my working UFO list because I can.

And my Raw Edge Circle Quilt is at the quilter's too. That leaves 5.

1. One of the quilts is DH's wool quilt and I'm basting it today and getting ready to start hand quilting.

2. I've finished making these blocks:

 for this quilt:

 I'm currently working on the applique. All the letters are cut out and fused to the background, leaving only the stitching so that ought not to take too terribly long. I love this pattern from Shelly at Prairie Moon quilts and I think it'll be perfect in my entry way, which is also my mudroom - laundry room.

3. I don't even know if the Wild Horse Quilt can be considered a UFO. I cut off a piece of the focus fabric back along 2009 and began to piece together a border strip as a test to see whether I liked it or not and I did, but I ran out of fabric. I'm not working from a pattern - I'm just making this up as I go along, but I'm back to square one. I seemed to do that a lot when I first started making quilts. Today I'm thinking I just ought to go with coordinating pinwheel blocks in alternating rows with the horse fabric, another row of nine patches, and maybe add a pieced border.

4. This strippy scrap quilt is my leader-ender project.

5. This one just needs to be deconstructed and an entirely new plan made. I hadn't even made a quilt when I saw this fabric at the local quilt show and I decided then and there that I needed to learn to make quilts. This is an old Moda line called Portabello Market. Apparently I didn't think I needed a pattern either. Let's just cut here. Yeh, that looks good. And let's cut some squares and I'll just pull this a little tighter to make it fit since I cut it too short. :)

I still like the fabric, and somewhere along the line I found a layer cake:

but the 'Who Needs A Plan?' quilt needs a new plan.

And I've got a whole slew of new projects clamoring for a spot on a fresh new list.


Vickie said...

I think your "Just do It " quilt is great! I have quilts hanging in my closet that need finishing. I may have to follow your lead and finish some BEFORE I start something new. I'm wondering if hand quilting through wool is hard on the fingers/hands ?

Nancy said...

Great job on whittling down your UFOs. I really must do something with mine.

sherry said...

great job on the UFOs but you will be pleased with yourself if you finish them all…i say go for the finish

Shelly said...

I wish my UFO list was getting shorter, especially that fast! Can't wait to see your version of the 3R's quilt!

Pauline said...

I'm really impressed! You put me to shame, my UFO's haven't moved, but at least I'm not adding to them since I learned FMQ.

Alycia said...

Hunh! That is impressive to be down to 5, but can I at least admit I am a bit jealous at your focus? Please share!!

Love all your projects!

Dar said...

I am totally impressed at your focus on whittling down your UFO list. Much as I try, mine keeps going in the other direction. Maybe one day in the next 10 years I can say I'm down to 6 UFOs. If not, someone will inherit a lot of "almost finished" quilt tops.

Sarah said...

Love your dedication to finishing the UFOs. A great achievement. I tried that last year, got through two, ran out of batting and began something new. I find if I try to finish ALL of the stuff on the go I stifle my own creativity and planning brain, and the need to begin something new just intensifies.

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