Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Life For an Old Project

I finally cut up my Portobello Market quilt top.

 I knew it wasn't working, but I was absolutely clueless as to what to do with it. Well I finally made a decision. Its finding new life as a Plus Quilt.

I've got the first couple of rows stitched together, but the rest are still in pieces. I'm cooking for the crew for a few days this week, but hope to sneak in a few stitches here and there.

I wanted a pattern that would make the best use out of the fabric I had on hand and I have been stalking the Plus quilts that have been floating around the Internet for some time. Most of them use modern fabrics, but I kind of like the combination of these vintage-y fabrics in this modern pattern.

 I almost nixed the idea because most of them use larger fabric pieces than what I had to work with, but then I figured that I could adjust the pattern to accommodate my fabric. I wanted to take advantage of my layer cake and that led me to using 3" strips. This is all I had leftover from a single layer cake square:

Then I stumbled upon Just Crafty Jess's tutorial  as well as a handy pdf sheet from For the Love of George with a layout that simplified things greatly. I don't know how big I am  going to make this quilt. I just plan to keep adding to it until I run out of Portobello Market fabric.

Ummm...side note: Yesterday I was hunting a particular fabric... and a cat. I found both, but I also unearthed more Portoballo Market fabric in a bin. I must have REALLY liked this fabric. :) I've probably got enough for a couple more quilts. LOL.

I've noticed that there are 2 different schools of thought on the Plus quilts. Some are solely constructed of squares and some use rectangles and squares. I am using 3 x 8" rectangles and 3 x 3" squares for this one, but I plan to make more Plus quilts and I'll use squares on the next one and then decide which method I prefer.

There is a lot of trotting back and forth going on as I don't have a dedicated sewing room. My sewing machine is in the our bedroom and I've laid out my pluses on the bed in our girl's room, which is where my iron is as well. With each seam, I'm hopping up and wearing a path on the floor back and forth through the hallway. Its the only way I can keep the pieces straight. It works for me.

With both kids grown and only coming home occasionally, I really have no reason not to fix up a sewing room, but I guess I'm just not ready to make the change. :)

I think I am smitten with this pattern and that surprises me because I tend to be drawn to the more traditional patterns.

 I would really like to make a couple of baby quilts though, as well as  one using the Moda Grunge fabrics. I snagged a fat quarter bundle on sale a few weeks ago and if I can bear to cut into it, it may just end up in this pattern.

It feels good to be working on something new. I've decided that if I start one new project for every 2 UFOs I finish, then I'll be making progress. Come to think of it, this IS a UFO, but it feels like it has a new lease on life.*Rolls eyes* That's a sign that it's way past my bedtime and I am in need of sleep. I should not be allowed at the keyboard in the middle of the night.


Lana said...

It took me nearly 2 years to decide to change one of my girl's rooms into my sewing room...I did leave the bed up the following two years and just sewed in there until this last year...I went all out...so I totally get that!
I love the fabric and the plus Quilt!!!! That is going to be a great SAVE!!!! If you want to trade some of that fabric for something I might have...I would be game...just a thought!

Janet O. said...

I have a smaller version of this cut out using squares. The pattern I am following is from Kathie Holland (Inspired by Antique Quilts blog) and was published in American Patchwork and Quilting. It is called Charming Addition and was entirely in Civil War repro fabrics.
Even though I cut mine out a year or so ago, I haven't started sewing yet. Keeping it all straight has me nervous. : )
Yours looks beautiful! And just think of all of the calories you are burning going back and forth.
BTW, it took a while after all of my kids were gone before I created a real sewing room. I started by just putting up a design wall in one of the rooms closest to where I was sewing, and gradually all of the rest of my sewing stuff found its way into the room, and everything that I couldn't use for my sewing, found its way out. : )

Nancy said...

The fabric looks great in this pattern, and how exciting that you found even more of it. I'm thinking matching pillowcases would be great!

Pauline said...

Me too! I love that pattern and it's near the top of my bucket list! Your colors are gorgeous! When I get around to it, my will be just un-coordinated scraps. Great idea, finish two ufo's then the treat of a new project. I like the idea. I doubt if I have the will-power to make myself do it. Why not move your sewing machine to her room?

Nancy said...

The colors of this quilt are beautiful together, Karin. I can't tell for sure but it sounds like the fabric was already in a quilt top but you decided to change the pattern? I don't know what the old top looked liked but this one is going to be fabulous.

I do the same thing when I lay out a quilt -- on the floor in one room with the sewing machine in another. Back and forth I go. It works.

M. E. Stephens said...

That's a nice quilt! I like the mix of vintage and modern. I tend to like more vintage fabrics, but often prefer modern quilts patterns and techniques. :-) It gives a fresh look to older, tried-and-true fabrics for me. Good job on that one.

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