Saturday, June 9, 2018

Where I Like to Browse

Last time I was in town I didn't have a ton of errands to run. I usually spend the least amount to time in town as possible and I run through my list and stops as quickly as I can. On occasion, I will take the time to stop and browse at this antique-collectible store:


 The world seems to slow down when I walk into shops like this. I'm not looking for anything in particular, but I just really enjoy browsing. This time I noticed an unusually large number of vintage quilts. Oh, how I wish these quilts could talk because I know every one of them has a story.

Here's a churn dash:


it was priced at $125 and labeled for a double bed. Here's a star quilt:


$125 also for a double bed. I know nothing about aging quilts, but some of the fabrics in these vintage quilts are just not ones I would reach for, yet they all combine to make the most charming quilts.


And here's a scrappy tulip quilt:


Fun scraps:


I think this one is more recent, but still drew my attention:

And this one:


TINY hexagons. I should have added something for comparison, but those hexagons are no larger than a dime. Maybe it's the hand piecing and quilting that adds such charm:


The stitches are far from perfect, yet it all adds up to perfection. Something to remember when I rip something out because the points don't match perfectly.


This label was on the back:

But I know this quilt dates back much further than 2000. Makes me think someone must have given this heirloom quilt as a gift in 2000 and it makes me sad to see it hanging here. I so wanted to bring it home and whisper to it's maker that it was going to spend the rest of it's days being treasured and loved. I am going to go back and ask the owners for more information. Surely someone knows something.

I do not need to start bring home vintage quilts. Lord knows I have quilts coming out of my ears as is. Hubby might think I've gone over the cliff. Some folks take in stray animals. I could start bringing home abandoned quilts. I've done the critter thing. I could easily follow suit with the quilts and convince DH by telling him that quilts don't need to be fed. Think he'll buy it?

Did I buy anything? Yes. A rolling pin and a bread dough bowl. 😁



Anonymous said...

I'm with you on quilts everywhere and still thinking on the next one. The sweet lady who taught me to quilt....I am SO THANKFUL because she kept saying 'no' on the ask but finally changed her mind. I have been happy and have quilted for 43 years and hope to go many more years. Anyway she would say to all who ask, "I quilt because it keeps me out of bars." I still laugh thinking of her saying that and she made all the difference in my quilt life. Back in that day there were no quilt shops near and no classes either. She either felt pity or I wore her down. And we had a wonderful friendship too but now she lives near her children as age has advanced us both.Thanks for showing us the pretty quilts. No antique stores nearby either!!

Tired Teacher said...

Jana & Jason did not deserve that beautiful quilt. Maybe their marriage dissolved or something terrible happened, but the quilt's fate should not depend on a kind stranger purchasing it in an antique shop.

Sherrill said...

You got truly needful things (though I'm betting you don't use the pin). I think my fave of all the quilts was the tulip--so much to look at! You probably needed that time in the ant. mall!

Sharon Treasures said...

I love looking at old quilts, trying to imagine their life. Go back and buy the "2000" quilt. It deserves a good home. I can't imagine someone giving it up. Was it sold at an auction, estate sale. Even if the relationship did not last, how can someone give up a quilt that was given to them.

But then I ask myself, will the quilts I made be in an antique mall 50 years from now?? I give to my family the quilts I make. I have way to many now. Soon, they will have way to many.

I also buy quilts at estate sales, auction, and garage sales. I bought two very old tops, last weekend. I wish I had taken the time to learn a little about the lady that pieced together the tops. Her daughter shared with me the tops had been her mothers. Next time I will take some time to learn about the quilts. Both of the tops had fabric from the 50s on them. Those tops are at least 50 years old. That's all the history I have on them.

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