Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Green Chile Season

This arid desert is not a friendly environment for growing flower gardens or bringing home lush bedding plants from the nursery and expecting them to flourish. But pecans and green chile are abundantly grown and prolific producers here and September is 'fill your deep freeze with chile' season. New Mexico is synonymous with green chile and everywhere you look, there are stands set up for roasting this New Mexico staple.


The canned variety pales in comparison. While our girl was home, she sent out a post letting co-workers know that she was in the green chile capitol if someone wanted her to bring some back. And to say they took her up on her offer was an understatement.

 Yep. That's 7 bushels of roasted green chile in my kitchen. 7 bushels equals 140#. Some folks wanted 1/3. Some wanted 1/2. And some wanted a whole bushel. So we commenced to divvying up the orders and setting the bags of hot green chile on the kitchen counter:


filling the other side:


Continuing onto the island:


And the stove:


And spilling into the laundry room.


The house smelled heavenly. There is a very distinct aroma to good green chile. We let the bags cool before sealing them and loading them into the deep freeze. The next morning we packed them into a humongous cooler and sent our girl on her way to bring green chile happiness to her coworkers.

Now I need to go back for my bushel!



Anonymous said...

I sure miss the smell of Green chilies. I loved the lingering smell in the car after taking a roasted bag of chilies home.
Betty in Texas

Anonymous said...

Did you roast all of them or is that the way you buy them?
What a blessing for all the friends!

Tired Teacher said...

Your daughter is going to have some very happy coworkers.

Dorian said...

Wow Karin, what a chore! lol. My dh would love to live where there was lots of those. He loves his peppers. Do you keep yours in the freezer, or do you can them, or?

sherry said...

unfortunately here on vancouver island where salmon is king we can only get canned green chilies ... you make me envious

Valerie said...

Not as fresh as yours, no doubt, and the skeptic in me wonders if somebody maybe just got sneaky with the signage, but for the last two weeks my local grocer has been featuring Hatch green chilies on special. I admit I took the bait... {grin} Last night was a labor of love prepping my peppers and cooking 'em down into enchilada sauce, but the results are delicious! A few found their way into a lazy chile relleno favorite! I wish we could grow them 'for real' up here in Michigan, but then I guess they wouldn't be Hatch. {wink}

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