Thursday, June 23, 2022

Feather and Fur Update

Before I get to today's post I wanted to address a question I've been asked frequently. 

How do I subscribe to your blog? 

Good question and I'm afraid I don't have a good answer. I am challenged when it comes to technology. I started this little blog 14 years ago here. It is free. I don't have any costs associated with it, but I also don't have a tech team behind me. From what I understand, Blogger has done away with the 'follow by e-mail' option. There is a link on the right side of my posts that allows you to follow via Bloglovin'. I also have a Feedly account and I follow blogs via that platform so you may consider that as an option. I hope that helps.

I'm also not receiving e-mails notifying me of your comments so I'm not able to reply to your comments. I'm trying to find a solution to that. I have a love/hate relationship with technology.

Today I thought I'd give you a feather and fur update.

The chicks are big enough that I moved them into the coop and they have been released from their little cage

But my feed tub brooder didn't stay empty for long:

I picked up 24 Guinea Keets from the seed store a few weeks ago. 

They are even smaller than chicks, but chicks are much gentler. Guineas are wild - at least the ones we've had always have been, but I love having Guineas. They are good insect and snake deterrents as well as excellent egg layers. They will stay here for about a month and then move into the coop for another month before I release them to free range.

When I walked past the sage bushes one morning I noticed this baby Oriole nestled within the branches:

It was practicing it's new flying skills

I was on my way to feed Oliver

For those of you asking about him, he is now fat and sassy

And fully reunited with his littermates

I'm grateful we don't have any doggie calves this year because my baby dance card is full


Violet said...

Oh my goodness what a delightful way to start the day...adorable kitten photos!

Marie said...

Your baby kittens are adorable. But I am rather partial to cats. I also have Orioles in my field behind my home and love watching them. Hope that you have a beautiful weekend.

RuthW in MD said...

Oh, such cute babies!! Love that baby Oriole and the colors of his feathers too. Thank you! By the way, I don't "follow" any blogs. I just go to the ones I like whenever I like. Seems easier all around.

Chantal said...

Babies are so adorable. Whether humans or animals, there's something about big bright eyes that I just love. Oliver is doing so well thanks to you. All these babies must keep you very busy. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures. ;^)

Sherrill said...

So are the guinea the ones that grow up to be 'guard birds' on the property? I milked goats for awhile and the owner had 1 guinea. Such an interesting, odd bird but so pretty!! The owner said she'd started with 16 or 17 and they'd fly off/disappear, ?? whatever (this is in the city though she has a small acreage). My niece just got baby quail to go along with her chickens (she's now thinking meat rather than just eggs). Had a damn rat snake (I think) eat like 9 of the baby quail. UGH! Love the darned cute! I've had the same issue as you for a long time (no comments come to email) and never have figured that out. Grr

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Thank you for resting Oliver! My prayer for Oliver is to grow up and be the best Oliver he can be.

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