Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Favorite Photos ~ Part 2

Here's the next batch of some of my favorite photos captured with my recently departed camera. These are from 2004 and 2005:

Or not!

Hmmm...can't get these to load. Let me try this again.

And again...

Once more...

Nope. Grrr....

Well somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and it wasn't me! Silly computer!

Hey ~ don't leave! It finally decided to cooperate! Yippee!

This first photo is of DD in her favorite reading spot last spring. I'll have to dig out the scrapbook page I did of this. She would haul the big ladder over to the tree and nestle in with her favorite book (Texas Doc) and a pillow for hours.
Here's a photo of DH relaxing (he does that on occasion ~ rarely, but on occassion). We love to shoot trap and skeet:

This is DD and our little doggie calf, Daisy, in '06. I took a whole series of pictures and made a layout for her scrapbook (DD's scrapbook. Not Daisy's! I'm not that crazy!)

More please!

We have this really cool cat ~ Sylvester. He's been a cool cat since he was a kitten. I would always find him lounging about in the bird feeders:

This was his favorite napping spot:

Sylvester again ~ sorry. I just end up finding him in funny spots. Honestly, he just loved to crawl into this old chicken feeder:

Last one of Sylvester ~ I promise! I've gotta give the kids and DH a break from being hounded by me and my camera once in a while! Last year when we finally threw out the Christmas wreath (it was a fresh wreath) I walked out and found him in it. Couldn't resist snapping this shot:

Took this one in the summer of '06 when we were coming back from visiting my folks. The kids humored me when I wanted to stop at a wildseed farm. See, they ended up having fun and we had some of the best fresh peach ice cream we've ever had ~ yum!

This was taken during the prayer at one of the Ranch Rodeos DH participates in. Can't wait to get my new camera though ~ Ranch Rodeo pictures were hard to shoot with this one:

Here's DD with her new colt, Gunner. His head isn't very pretty here, but I LOVE this shot! He's a gorgeous little thing now.

Here's DH in the tack room mending a set of reins. He does not like to have his picture taken, but he's a good sport about his crazy wife and her camera addiction:

The tack room door:

DS working with one of the colts he started:

This is what we do before church on Sunday morning:

Working with our mule, Bonnie. Apparently she had other ideas for this Sunday morning:

I love this picture! It's as if she's asking, "What's the problem? Who, me?! I didn't do anything!"

I really do miss my mountains, but there are some amazing sunrises and sunsets here! I snapped these the morning after we came back home from a Ranch Rodeo in Texas in Augist of '06. It had been a dry year and we came back home to a torrent of rain ~ a huge blessing! This is the dirt tank behind the house.

A lone tree on this flat desert:

One more from a different direction:

Stopped at the side of the road (yes, I'm one of those people!) one fall evening as we were driving in for a Shooting Sports practice and hoped to capture the colors in this sunset:

Sorry about posting so many. I tend to get carried away when it comes to photos. Thanks for indulging me!


Miss Rodeo Iowa said...

Karin - You have some amazing photos! Ever thought of selling them? LOVE the tack room ones!


Miss Rodeo Iowa said...

By the way, the pic it NOT me! I'm using our pageant account. :)


Ranch Wife said...

LOL! That may not be you, but you could pass for a 20 yr old! She's a beautiful girl ~ did you make her blouse? Those colors look great on her.

Thanks so much for the compliment on my photos ~ you're too kind. I'm not a professional by any stretch of the imagination. I just love being behind the camera! Not sure there's a market for my amateur ranch shots.

Sara said...

I love your pictures! I really do. Those of the sunset are gorgeous!

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